Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

Over the weekend I've heard jokes that Mother Nature thought it was actually the 4th of July, and it certainly feels that way.  Classic D.C. hot and muggy...where did Spring go?  The plants are loving it, though.

The pea and pole bean trellises are up.  The pole bean trellis was a pain to put together.  Drilling all the holes wasn't bad but due to its size and "floppiness" it was cumbersome and a little confusing to maneuver it around as I was stringing it together.  I'm still curious to see how it does.  I used nylon mason's line so hopefully the strings will last a few years.

I took all these photos yesterday and since then, I've thinned everything, moved a few things around, and added a tomato, pepper, and a dill plant.  DeBaggio's really is dangerous!

Like I said, I took these pictures yesterday and I swear the pole beans are bigger today.  I remember last year seeing them grow 6"+ in a day when they were on the trellis, so maybe it's not my imagination.

That stack of lumber behind the pole beans is what's supposed to be the potato box.  It didn't happen, as I ran out of compost.  There's enough to partially fill the bottom tier, I think, so I left off and the potatoes are elsewhere for this year.  I'll probably get around to putting the bottom tier together and planting it with something-or-other.

Artichoke and dill.  (I added a third dill today.)  There are Yukons just to the right. 

Purple and green tomatillos, cutshort bush beans in front (which don't seem to have had a very good germination rate), and the right-hand 3 squares are purple kohlrabi.

Tomatoes front, left to right:  Matt's Wild Cherry, Mortgage Lifter VFN (not pictured; just added today), Sunsugar FT, San Marzano, Cherokee Chocolate. 
Peppers back row:  Anaheim pepper (not pictured), Corbaci (not sprouted yet), Super Heavyweight, Big Bertha, Super Sweet Cherry, Ozark (not sprouted yet).

In the back, L to R, four squares each:  Ragged Jack (Red Russian) Kale, giant Japanese red mustard, baby bok choi.
Front: L to R: 2 squares each of White Wonder and Poona Kheera cucumber. The rest is rampicante, now thinned down to one. 

Golden beets.  They are being a little reluctant.  Maybe too hot for them?

Top left 4 squares:  Hailstone beet.  I grew these last year and they are really lovely, white-fleshed and buttery.
Bottom left 4 squares:  Lincoln peas, actually growing!  I had rotten luck with them last year, but the few I got encouraged me to try again as they really are tasty.  Again, I swear they are bigger today than yesterday.  They are starting to latch onto the trellis.
Righthand 4 squares along the high-rise:  Broccoli raab.  I am excited about these...I hope they survive the heat. 
In the high-rise:  Kennebec potatoes and some un-used squares that will be planted soon.

Golden midget watermelon (tiny sprout), Little Fingers eggplant, Rouge Vif d'Etampes pumpkin (a.k.a. Cinderella), white scallop & yellow crookneck squash.

I planted some seeds for greens and flowers out front today; hopefully the heat will kickstart them.  The hydrangea is developing its first buds...are lightning bugs next??

Hope you've had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Happy gardening!


The Ungardener said...

Wow, your garden is beautiful! Mine has suffered this year. My son had a rough end-of-the-school-year so the garden didn't get the attention it needs, but we'll still get tomatoes. :) My pole bean bed reseeded itself because I didn't clean it out at the end of the season last year. I can't believe it! A bed full of beans that are over six feet high and producing without any effort at all, other than finally cleaning last year's mess (gently) and adding compost (gingerly).

I look forward to seeing more pictures! :D I've been sorely neglecting my blog this year because I don't want to fess up to my garden's neglect. *giggle*

Megan said...

Hey, thank you! Sounds like your garden is doing very well also (and your pole beans are well ahead of mine.)

I have been taking lots of photos, but didn't want to bore you all with lots of "look, it's 2 inches taller than it was before!" type pictures. I am going to do a big update for Independence Day, though.

Hope your son is doing okay.

Happy Gardening,

Garden seeds said...

Thanks for the post mate you have written it very well.

Megan said...

Thanks very much! Many of my plants are from Baker Creek seed. Happily planning away now for 2012.

Happy gardening,